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  • Check dishwasher, unload if necessary and put dishes away in cabinets

  • If dishes in sink hand wash and put away

  • Clean inside microwave

  • Wipe down counters, lift and wipe small appliances and knick-knacks

  • Wipe inside refrigerator, and inside oven always check and if necessary self-clean

  • If food inside refrigerator remove any excess items, and keep organized

  • Check coffee pot, and make sure inside filter is clean

  • Spot clean cabinets, and wipe down windowsills as needed

  • Shine the outside of all appliances and wipe down sink

  • Make sure hand soap dispenser is full or halfway full at all times

  • Make sure paper towel is either full or halfway or replace

  • Take out trash/recycle (new trash bag, fluff out)

  • In Kitchen hand mop, under cabinets and by stove and refrigerator area

  • Leave kitchen wash cloth next to sink

Living and Bedrooms

  • Tidy up pillows, dust all surfaces, and put remotes back either in front of tv or

  • coffee table

  • Dust blinds, ceiling fans, vents, windowsills, baseboards as needed or once weekly

  • Clean entry patio door (glass)

  • Lift and wipe down knick-knacks and all pictures

  • Clean all mirrors

  • Get under all beds and under furniture as needed

  • Check all closets, make sure hangers are neatly to the right, make sure all pillows

  • have fresh pillow cases

  • Make beds, fresh linens

  • Completely wipe down tub, and remove ALL hair and shine fixtures

  • fresh Wipe down toilet, inside and out completely, remove ALL hair and put toilet lid down

  • Remove all open soaps out of bathroom, take out trash and put new trash liner it, and (fluff open)

  • Clean Vanity, dust lights, wipe down mirror completely down and knick-knicks

  • Put hand towel, on rack, make sure to leave out intended soaps (fresh bar soap.shampoo, lotion, etc)

  • Clean baseboards, door trim

  • NO HAIR!!!!!!

  • Fold towels and put in closets neatly, and wash cloths

  • Bath mat either on the floor or hanging on the side of the floor folded neatly

  • Fresh roll of toilet paper, make sure there is at least a stock in closet or under sink of at  at

  • least three

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